All I want to do is. . .

. . .record your screen on OS X.


Description: How to record your Mac's desktop with minimal additional software
Contributors: anschwa
Updated: 12/10/15

How to record your screen on OS X using QuickTime Player

  1. Install Soundflower to enable system audio recording. Without Soundflower, you will only be able to record audio from your microphone.

  2. Open Audio Midi Setup and create a new multi-output device. Select Built-in Output, Built-in Line Output, and Soundflower (2ch)

  3. Then rename the device.

To record system audio, open System Preferences Sound then under Outputs, choose your multi-output device (adjust your sound before hand)

  1. Open QuickTime Player and start a new screencapture. Choose the audio to go through Soundflower (2ch)

  2. Click on a screen to record there.


  1. If you want to record on multiple monitors, then you have to duplicate QuickTime player in your Applications folder and start a new screencapture.

  2. To remove the darkened screen affect, Hide QuickTime Player.


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