All I want to do is. . .

. . .contribute to Kill The Yak.

Adding content

  1. Fork the repo.
  2. Copy to a new file.
  3. Write your content. Commit.
  4. Send a pull request.


  • You can write in Markdown.
  • If your "recipe" has any dependencies, include them in deps. You can refer to other pages in the repo by writing their filename (without the extension), e.g. deps: [install-homebrew]
  • Content enclosed in ``` is important. When other pages list your page as a dep, the content between the ``` will be included on their page.
  • Don't forget to add yourself as a contributor so you can get credit! You can write your name, or you can write your Github page URL.
  • You retain copyright to your work. By contributing a guide, you agree to publish under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike license.


For an example, see The rendered result is here:


If you have suggestions, corrections, or content to contribute, fork us at our Github repo or open an issue.

Licensed under the CC-SA.